Patient Story - Jules Hunter

Meet Jules Hunter. She had C-sections at both Memorial Hospital Belleville and Memorial Hospital Shiloh.

Why did you decide to have your son at Memorial Hospital Shiloh?

I decided to go to Memorial Hospital Shiloh because my family lives by the hospital, and I had such a good experience at Memorial Hospital Belleville. My mother-in-law lives right by the hospital, and it's just a short highway drive away from my mom, so I thought that it was a more centralized location.

Talk about the pre-registration process.

Early registration was fantastic. It was so easy and seamless. It was about a week before I delivered. I had a scheduled C-section, and so I just walked into the birthing center, and I was ready to go. I didn't have to answer questions. If you're nervous the day that you deliver, I can't imagine being in labor and having to answer all those questions. I probably would answer half of them wrong. I was in labor, and the fact that you get to register early made it really easy the day of. Everybody was really friendly. The ladies that actually did the registration came up when I delivered and said, "Hi and congratulations." It was actually really cool when she walked in the room. I couldn't believe she remembered. But I feel like everybody that I met at Memorial Hospital Shiloh was just like that. They made you feel like family. 

What were the rooms like at Memorial Hospital Shiloh?

Those rooms are fantastic. The beds are nice, and the couch where my husband slept was bigger at Memorial Hospital Shiloh, which is really nice. He was comfortable in the room. The rooms were large enough to fit family members that came in. You didn't have to step over anything in the shower...just stepped right in, which made a world of difference. They are like hotel rooms. I mean really, really nice. It didn't feel like a hospital. It felt like you were bringing your baby into this nice room. Almost like a home environment. The nurses are the best nurses around. That is the sole reason actually, except for family being close, as the reason I went to Memorial Hospital Shiloh. These nurses are fantastic. They are really knowledgeable. They're caring. I actually wanted to stay longer. Once they said, "It's time to go," I said, "Can I have another day?"