Teaming Up for Happy, Healthy Deliveries

Teaming Up for Happy, Healthy Deliveries

When families are ready to add a new member, they turn to Memorial for complete care from pre-conception through delivery.

Compassionate physicians

Memorial Medical Group (MMG) has a team of five OB/GYNs, a midwife, and a nursing team who take excellent care of new moms and their families. Dr. Sekou Kelsey and Midwife Sylvia Obernuefemann, CNM, are just two of the providers, and they have delivered hundreds of babies at Memorial.

Dr. Kelsey has a passion for obstetrics and wants new patients to know he’s truly invested in their entire families, especially when it comes to helping families grow.

Dr. Kelsey delivered both of Kimberly Mourey-O’Neill’s babies, one at Memorial Hospital Belleville and one at Memorial Hospital East. After taking advantage of the Family Care Birthing Center’s pre-registration process, Kimberly was able to deliver her second child at Memorial Hospital East after a routine appointment.

“I was past due by two days and was already dilated at a three or four, and he said, ‘You know, I’m on call today but not tomorrow. I won’t be back until Thursday, so we could walk down the hall and have a baby today, or we can wait until Thursday.’ So I said, ‘You know what? Today seems like a great day to have a baby,’” Kimberly recalled.

She also enjoyed the convenience of staying in one room for her delivery and postpartum care, comparing the experience to staying at a five-star hotel. “So overall, it was just a great experience. It was really, really nice, and I would do it all over again. I recommend it to everyone who I talk to having babies,” she said.

The midwife experience

Ashley Gutridge chose to have her babies delivered by Sylvia, MMG OB/GYN’s midwife, at Memorial Hospital Belleville. Sylvia has many patients who she started seeing as teenagers, and she said watching them become mothers really changes you fundamentally. 

Ashley chose a midwife to have a more natural childbirth experience. “I wanted somebody who was knowledgeable about it who could support me and what I wanted for my birth, and also someone who knew if I did need assistance—if I needed medicine or if I needed to have hospital intervention—I could,” Ashley said.

“She’s amazing; she’s like my favorite person in the world,” Ashley said of Sylvia.

The nursing team

Jules Hunter delivered her two children at Memorial Hospital Belleville and Memorial Hospital East, and she said the nurses were excellent.

After having to be induced with her first son at Memorial Hospital Belleville, she had no idea what to expect. “The nurses did a nice job of educating me and telling me, ‘This is what it’s going to be like,’” she said.

Then when she found out she would have to have a C-section, Jules said, “I was really scared. I was kind of starting to panic a little bit, but the nurses made me feel more relaxed. I really don’t think there are better nurses anywhere around than in the labor and delivery at Memorial.”

Delivering healthy babies takes teamwork

Memorial’s Family Care Birthing Centers and MMG OB/GYN have amazing team members who are truly dedicated to growing families. From the doctors and midwife to the nursing staff, everyone does their part to make everyone in the family at ease throughout the journey of pregnancy and delivery.

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