About Memorial Hospital Shiloh

About Memorial Hospital Shiloh

Built in a natural setting in Shiloh, Illinois, Memorial Hospital Shiloh is a 207,212 square foot hospital offering a complete line of services for our patients, visitors, and the community.

Memorial Hospital Shiloh

Memorial Hospital Shiloh is a 94-all private bed hospital located in Shiloh, Illinois.  Memorial Hospital Shiloh offers a 24/7 emergency department, medical, surgical and diagnostic services including cardiac catheterization, imaging and laboratory.  The Family Care Birthing Center features 16 spacious LDRP suites, two dedicated c-section rooms and 24/7 neonatology coverage. 

Memorial Regional Health Services (MRHS) is a non-profit organization which is part of BJC HealthCare.  It is the parent organization of Memorial Hospital Belleville, Memorial Hospital Shiloh, Memorial Care Center.  Mark J. Turner serves as president.

​Facts at a Glance

  • Telephone: (618) 607-1000
  • Private Patient Suites: 94
  • Intensive Care Unit Beds: 6
  • Surgical Suites: 4
  • Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum (LDRP) Rooms: 16
  • C-Section Rooms: 2
  • Medical/Surgical Rooms: 72
  • Emergency Department Treatment Rooms: 6
  • Observation Rooms: 6
  • Cardiac Cath Labs: 2
  • MRI: 1
  • CT: 1
  • General Radiology Suites: 2
  • Ultrasound: 2
  • Nuclear Medicine Suite: 1
  • Medical Staff: 294
  • Allied Health Professional Staff: 80

Memorial Hospital Shiloh Medical Office Building

In late 2017, Memorial Hospital Shiloh opened its Medical Office Building. The Medical Office Building has Memorial lab draw and X-ray imaging and offices for primary and specialty care physicians.